For more than 17 years, Quey [“Kway”] Percussion Duo has

dazzled audiences worldwide with their unmistakable style that 

blends traditions of Western and non-Western percussion, contemporary,

classical, and popular music to create colorful sound worlds that often

place focus on interlocking counterpoint and musical multi-tasking.   

Comprised of members Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious, QPD has performed in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Jordan, the UK, and extensively throughout the US.  They have worked with music festivals, art galleries, chamber music series’, conventions (including 4 PASIC appearances), professional orchestras, and have engaged in more than 75 university residencies worldwide.  They also can be heard in the score of the award winning short film The Passage, which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. 

As new music advocates, QPD has generated nearly 200 new works written for the duo (or by the duo), many of which become instant “earworms” for audiences and staples in the repertoire for percussionists worldwide.  They have collaborated with renowned composers including Pulitzer Prize recipient John Luther Adams, Emmanuel Séjourné, Alejandro Viñao, Molly Joyce, Alyssa Weinberg, Stuart Saunders Smith, Adam Silverman, Michael Laurello, David Macbride, David M. Gordon, Ben Wahlund, and Casey Cangelosi.  They have recorded for the Innova, Naxos, Centaur, and Equilibrium record labels and their brand new album, soniChroma, has just been released on the Innova label, which includes Gene Koshinski’s exhilarating double percussion concerto.

QPD holds the only full-time residency by a percussion duo in the US at the University of Delaware where they co-direct the percussion program, deliver various chamber ensembles, coordinate applied lessons, and present joint studio classes.  Their side-by side approach to teaching has led to many performance and recording opportunities for their students.  In addition, their focus on creating high-level social media video content has led to more than 1 million views of their performances.  QPD is endorsed by Pearl/Adams Instruments, Sabian Cymbals, Innovative Percussion, and Remo Drumheads.