OTHER repertoire


By Eduardo Guimarães Alvares

CaDance 4 2

By Andy Pape, for multiple percussion duo

Alborada del Gracioso

By Maurice Ravel, for marimba duo

Hiten-Seido II

By Maki Ishii, for marimba duo


By Matthew Burtner, for squeaky toys and computer

Ultimatum II

By Nebojsa Zivkovic, for marimba duo


By David Macbride, for multiple percussion duo

Piru Bole

by John Bergamo, for hand drums and voice

Catching Shadows

          By Ivan Trevino

Preludes for Piano (selections)

By Frédéric Chopin, for marimba duo

Wooden Music

By Rich O'Meara, for marimba duo

We Too

By Daniel Levitan, for marimba duo

Jack and Gyile

By David Macbride, for marimba duo

Conversation in the Forest

By Keiko Abe, for marimba duo

Prism Rhapsody II

By Keiko Abe, for marimba duo

Seventeen Eight's

By River Guerguerian, for hand drums


By John Cage, for pitched percussion

Together and Not

By Gene Koshinski, for marimba duo


By Chick Corea, for marimba and vibraphone duo

Señor Mouse

By Chick Corea, for marimba and vibraphone duo

Concerto for Percussion Duo

By Jan van Landeghem, for marimba duo with percussion ensemble

Oh Yeah

By Gene Koshinski, for percussion duo and tap

For Lack of Better Words

By Robert Chappell, for keyboard percussion duo

Fume Fume

Traditional (Ivory Coast)


Traditional (Haiti)


By George Crumb [mixed ensemble]

Time after Time

By Nico Muhly [mixed ensemble]


By Chen Yi [mixed ensemble]

Sonata for Two Pianos and Two Percussion

By Bela Bartok [mixed ensemble]

Table Music

          By Thierry de Mey

Coming Together

By Frederic Rzewski [mixed ensemble]

Phesants Travel in the Mountain

          Traditional Chinese

Les Moutons de Panurge

By Frederic Rzewski [mixed ensemble]


          By Guo Wenjing

Workers Union

By Louis Andriessen [mixed ensemble]

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